You can search the NSW Incorporated Associations Register by using one or more of the search options below.

You can enter the name of an Incorporated Association or Incorporation Number if you know it. Or you can enter the Association Status, Date of Incorporation or Suburb.

If no results are found, try entering the association name with or without a space between the words. For example, ‘FairTrading’ or ‘Fair Trading’:

You can also do a ‘wildcard’ or ‘Like’ search by replacing one or more letters with the % character. For example, ‘%fair’ or ‘fair%’ or ‘fa%ir’. This is useful if you are not sure of the spelling of an association name.

Further search help can be found under the ‘Search Tips’ Icon below.’

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For further information or to advise of incorrect information contact NSW Fair Trading on 1800 502 042 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm, or email